New Year - Fresh Start

Not that I feel I need one at the moment - the last four weeks have been very confidence building. A straight four week build period with an encouraging bike test, and a successful start to the process of adding high intensity running into the mix. (This is the first season that high intensity running didn't immediately result in injury!!!) Consequently, I'm taking this first week of the New Year for a little well earned R&R. So as I'm horizontal on the couch writing this post, it's no wonder I'm finally posting again!

So fresh start: We're kickin' it up a notch this year folks. At the end of this week I head down to NJ, and then (potentially) to Denver for a 3 week training trip. No work (thanks to Landry's for being so flexible!), no distractions, just training hard and sleeping harder. And if all goes to plan, I'll also have two weeks of undivided attention for training and racing in Chile in March as well. Like I said - kickin' it up a notch. Last year I quit my job, and this year my lifestyle will continue to change pretty drastically. Scary, but exciting!

OK, I gotta go start brushing up on my Spanish... :-)