Let's kick it up a notch!

 Day one of the three week training trip. I've got chef momma cooking me up some healthy post swim brunch before I take a quick nap and head out for 60 miles of biking on a beautiful sunny day. Yesterday I was actually a bit nervous as I prepared for the flight to NJ. Doesn't make sense since I was just flying home, but I was nervous about the step this trip is taking toward my goals. Not working for the rest of the month to train harder than I ever have. I was nervous about whether or not I could handle it for 3 long weeks. But now I'm here, with a workout under my belt, and I'm just in it... doin' what I'm doin'. I guess that's kinda like a race, eh?

On the downside - I already miss my lady friend, and she hasn't even landed in Brazil yet!

Time to eat and nap!