Complete Restoration

From March to November - this has been the longest season I've ever raced. Granted, I had a two month hiatus in the middle from injuries, but it's still a long time to have your mind and body in the game without a little reprieve. October I finished the season with a half ironman in Florida that doesn't even deserve a race report, and Emily and I headed from there to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico for a little R&R. Since then the theme of training has been, "what training?" 

US Elite National Championship: Race Report

Well, it was quite the first experience in "the show". I was well prepared on all fronts, and super ready to go. Going into the race, I figured with a dive start in choppy water with no wetsuit, I'd have every advantage I need in the water to get myself in a good position for the bike. Yup, things were looking up. At the start I sprinted out to the front, the field was at by feet by 100m. At this point, I "settled" in and tried to find a rhythm. Of course, what actually settled was the lactic acid from the 100m sprint. Consequently, what followed was Brett getting passed by everyone smart enough not to sprint (just about everyone else in the race). Oops. I feel like I should have known that was going to happen... 

Stay Focused: Body

This is what tapering looks like.
At different points of the year "staying focused" on the body means different things. Sometimes it means pushing your body as far as you can on a daily, weekly, even monthly basis. Other times, it means fighting off a cold, eating right, or sleeping more, or all of the above at one time! This time of year it's "taper time".

To some taper time is a welcomed period of the year, while others absolutely hate it. In the moment, realizing you get to rest rather than go out and do a track workout can feel great. But as your body feels better, and your energy levels return those of a normal person, many people start to get antsy, and worry that they're missing out on opportunities to get faster just a week before their race.