For me, the hardest part of training for triathlons has been doing it alone. I really didn't know jack about what good training looked like, and I was always second guessing my training and my progress (or lack thereof). Will's coaching has instilled confidence in both. I rest easy (because he tells me to rest!) knowing how much he and Jason know about how to improve my fitness. From workouts to a recovery to nutrition, Will has been a great partner in pursuit of my status as a professional athlete, and I am 100% confident he'll be equally as helpful and supportive in pursuing greatness on the international stage.

If you are looking to achieve a challenging goal in endurance sporting, get in touch with Will or his partner Jason. These guys know what they're talking about and definitely will help you get where you're going!

Food is good. Good food is awesome. Good food with integrity is the best. Judge me if you must, but I would have to say that approximately 2% of the reason that I love my wife so much is that she introduced me to the best, good food with integrity I will ever know.

Now that Chipotle supports my training in a VERY tangible way, I can profess my love for them to the world! (As if that has been stopping me up to this point—now it just means they'll get some shouts on my web page...) If you're a triathlete, you know—our kind eats A LOT. And I've learned in the last couple years that it's not just the quantity of the food, it's the quality. With Chipotle's objective to supply the nation with foil wrapped bundles of deliciousness sourced naturally by local farmers, I can recover from workouts confidently knowing that my meals are HEALTHY. Moreover I can feel good about the fact that those meals help to support a more sustainable environment and economy.

MANY thanks to Jon Lewis of Saris Cycling (parent company to cyclops) for introducing me to the experience of training with power. If you're serious about improving your cycling fitness, I've learned in a matter of weeks that the power metric is a MUST have in the structuring and assessment of workouts on a daily basis.

And let's not forgot trainers! Granted my JetFluid Pro hasn't seen a whole lot of action this "winter," but when it is raining or snowing outside, or when I just don't feel like bundling up for an interval workout, my Cyclops trainer is the shizzle. :-)

In my opinion, if you want to be the best triathlete, you don't do most of your training with triathletes. We as a group are renowned for being jacks of all trades, but masters of none. No, if you want to be a great triathlete you ride with cyclists, you run with runners, and you swim with swimmers. That's why when I choose a wetsuit, I don't wear something made by a triathlon company, I wear something designed by a swim company. blueseventy IS swimming.

Ok, in full disclosure, I work here. But let me just be clear that I chose to work here, because before they were my employer, I loved coming here. Let's all be honest, bike shops can be intimidating. For as often as I've always needed to visit them for parts, supplies etc., for whatever reason it was always an anxiety-ridden experience. Not at Landry's. I would NEVER expect to walk into a shop for only the second time to have the salesperson remember my name from my first visit. Unparalleled friendly and knowledgeable service. It's the number one thing I've always loved about Landry's and now, it's the number one aspect of the Landry's experience that I'm proud to contribute to.

What nice endorsements, wouldn't you say? Want one of your own? Contact Brett for details.