Complete Restoration

From March to November - this has been the longest season I've ever raced. Granted, I had a two month hiatus in the middle from injuries, but it's still a long time to have your mind and body in the game without a little reprieve. October I finished the season with a half ironman in Florida that doesn't even deserve a race report, and Emily and I headed from there to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico for a little R&R. Since then the theme of training has been, "what training?" 

Now two weeks later, I've started doing some very light workouts when I've felt like it - very unstructured, and just getting back to enjoying swimming, biking and running. The only thing I've gotten serious about this month is restoring my body completely. My new coach, Gabe recommended that I see Sam Peck of Soar Body Therapeutics. Today I got back from my second appointment with him.

In the past, my appointments with sports doctors and physical therapists have been focused very locally on an acute injury with what has seemed like a very singular cause. From extreme shin splints to plantar fasciitis to strained hamstrings to a sprained ankle, Sam has been the first person to address these issues as more than just one time injuries, but as chronic areas of discomfort that stem from fundamental structural "flaws" that need to be corrected. For me, Sam illustrated that my posture and lack of strength in certain muscle groups (as it turns out, though my wife says it's very nice, my butt is pretty weak) are what has caused all three of my chronic injuries. I didn't even have to take his word for it - he was able to demonstrate pretty directly, how my weak gluts, tight iliopsoas (hip flexors - yes he taught me some fancy words too), and poor posture have lead to each of my issues.

So, after an initial assessment, learning some daily stretches, drills and exercises, and two intensely painful therapeutic massages, I'm looking forward to starting my first injury free season since I committed to triathlons. I have Sam to thank for the regimen to fix my structural issues, and a much clearer understanding of how my body works, and I'm looking forward to checking in with him throughout the season to make sure I stay on track!