Stop, Hammer Time.

Seven days of recovery has been pretty glorious. With the exception of some back issues to be resolved by a doctor on Tuesday, everything is fresh and ready to go for another couple weeks. So why have I procrastinated my way out of running this morning? Cause workouts are about to get real here, people. This last build period hit hard, and NOW we're gonna be adding significant intensity to the mix. It's hammer time. My season starts in just three short months - it's time to start getting fast, and getting fast hurts.

You remember when you were a kid at the pool and you wanted to show your mom and dad how far you could go under water? What did you do before you started? You took a loooooog deep breath, and then you went for it. I'm chalking this morning up to being that looooong deep breath. It was the "stop" before the "hammer time". OK - here we go, now it really is hammer time.