Phssst. Guests...

DAWG-on visitors. They come over, they eat your [cat's] food, they slobber everywhere, they leave their hair all over the place, and they lay around like they own the place.

Our good friends Gered and Brooke visited this weekend, and brought Milton. Lilly (our cat) hates Milton for most of the reasons listed above, but admittedly some of those reasons are why I grumble at Gered as a house guest (slobber and hair). Just as well, Milton is a hoot to have come over and visit, and his owners are pretty fun too. For Gered and I, it's always great fun to catch up, and see who's made more progress in their training (undecided this time...). And for me, it's always a reminder of how much nicer it is to train with other people. If you live in Boston, and you're reasonably fast, COME TRAIN WITH ME!

Gered, Brooke, and Milton - it was nice to see you this weekend!