The 007 of Recovery Drinks: "Shaken, not Stirred"

Oh man, that looks good... 
I'm no doctor or bio-chemist, but there are TONS of those kind of folks out there that can attest to chocolate milk's worth as a training resource, AND it's superiority to all those fancy recovery drinks. Consider some knowledge on that subject dropped:
Like I said - I'm not expert on the subject. I can say from several years of experience that I recover and stay healthy from workout to workout. Chocolate milk IS what you should be drinking after workouts, and that's the end of that discussion. Now for a new discussion: How to prepare your recovery drink.

Now let me tell you - I AM an expert on this subject, and you can call me the 007 of recovery drinks 'cause I like my chocolate milk shaken, not stirred. It's frothy and well mixed - I promise you won't be disappointed. I have my own collection of used peanut butter jars w/ lids that are the perfect serving size for a healthy and efficient recovery. A little milk, a little chocolate syrup, a little shakey-shakey, and mmmm. The other option I love, which is a little more involved, but a little more nutritious: blended with a banana. If you like the taste of chocolate banana, the added potassium helps reduce muscle cramping as well. And like the shaken option, it is frothy, well mixed and frickin' delish.

That's what I have to say about that.