The travelling triathlete...

They say women are the ones to over pack. In other words, my wife's bag SHOULD be bigger than mine. Can you guess which bag is mine, and which one is Emily's? And this doesn't include the bike or the car rack.

It comes with the territory of being a triathlete. If you want to train when you travel, you have to bring everything you need to train on your trip IN ADDITION to all the regular stuff that normal folk pack for trips. I will say this: over the years, I have definitely learned to consolidate. Two years ago, both of those bags would have been mine, and to Emily's credit, she would not have been able to fit all her stuff on that green bag either.

It's like they say, I guess, with age comes maturity... and packing skills apparently. Allow me to pass down some of my packing wisdom. This is what I brought for two bike rides and two runs: Helmet, bike shoes, running shoes, two pairs of cycling socks, two pairs of running socks, two base layer tops, two jerseys, two pairs of bibs, one pair of knee warmers, one pair of tights,  two long sleeve running tops, two pairs of running shorts, my garmin, my light, a running visor, sport drink, two water bottles, 4 GU's, 4 clif bars, and a partridge in a pair tree--I mean, all the clothes I'll need for the weekend with the fam. Hmmm... well maybe it's not really rocket science. So I guess the real question is - why couldn't I figure out how to pack properly before?