My "Vacation Home"

It was a wonderful weekend in New Jersey people. Here are some scenes from our vacation to my parents house. (That's right, vacationing at my parent's house - MAN, I'm cool...)
A typical evening at Mom and Pop Nichols'... sitting in front of their big-@$$ TV watching something silly. Of course, the time could almost always be better spent sleeping, but we've all yet to figure that out...
 Ahh, scenes from a very beautiful ride through the New Jersey countryside. To all those of you that said that New Jersey is the armpit of America, I've got news for you, Pennsylvania is the armpit of America. Part of my 75 mile adventure on Saturday morning took me across the river into PA, and let me tell you something... endless cow pastures and steamy power plants scream stinky armpit a lot louder to me than quiet windy roads, and one lane bridges over babbling brooks.
Won't be crossing this border on my bike again anytime soon!

Next stop was Orange, NJ. OK, maybe this is more like the armpit, but let me tell you something, they make some delish Italian food. We had a fun filled evening with my extended family, including my sisters boyfriend Jeff - I'd say he's holding his weight getting to know the fam... nice job.
Geez, I'm not so sure my sister likes this guy...
Classic face, Mom.
The next morning it was time for another nice scenic outing. A little trail running with the fun company of my loving wife along side my on my mom's comfy cruiser bike. Emily was kind enough to play with her instagram app on her phone and get some sweet pics of me doing hill repeats in the middle of the run.
Then after another 55 miles on the bike, it was a very chill evening with Mom, Pop, and the Misses. Here is a very flattering picture of my mother kicking back with some vino and her hand in the salad bowl.
I promise she's enjoying her evening.