Greatness = Hard work + Wisdom + Discipline

The road to greatness is different for everyone. We come from all different walks of life, have different goals, and different ideals. But to a certain extent everyone's gotta do a few things the same - you've got to make hard work and sacrifice a part of everyday life. So many people will watch this video, and think to themselves, "OK, if I want to race like Javi - this week I've got to get out on my bike for 400k, run 100k, and swim 30k." True - if you can't do a week of training like that, you probably can't race with the best of them. But if you think you'll go from age grouper to pro to best in the world over night, you're kidding yourself.

Sounds like a silly thought to have doesn't it? If you asked me, I'd say so too, but it's amazing how easily and how subtly that idea can get in your head without even noticing it. In the wake of this summer's burn-out season, it's clear that this is exactly what went through my head after getting my pro license. Well consider that lesson learned. Slow is the road to becoming the fastest in the world - ironic isn't it? Also, it's annoying. Some day I'll be able to train like Javi - but that day is probably years away.

Right now I'm subscribing to the words of John Ortberg, which speak specifically to the idea of spiritual transformation (becoming the person that God created me to be), but I've found what he says to be VERY applicable to how to approach training as well. He says, "Transformation is not [only] a matter of trying harder, but of training wisely." Know your limits. Push them, yes, but don't be stupid. Don't run 20 miles if you've never run 10. Pace yourself. You'll get there. Patience grasshopper. :-)

Javi - thanks for the carrot.