Watch out for Squirrels!

He's totally faking it.
Thanks to Jerry the squirrel for posing for this photo. In all seriousness, the acorns are falling, so these little buggers are everywhere, and squirrelier than ever. I almost had this happen on two occasions just this morning. Gered, remember the time that one little guy ran right between your wheels and almost got sliced in half by your drive train?

I know there are lots of "crunchy" triathletes out there opposed to cruelty to animals, and I'm not for it either (though my cat Lilly might challenge that statement...), but don't get mad at me for this - that's not my bike. It wasn't me I swear! I got this picture via email from a friend of a friend. Still... someone did leave the dying (or dead already) squirrel wedged in their fork long enough to take this picture, and to that someone - I say thank you for sharing!

(Note: At least one squirrel was harmed in the taking of this picture.)