A change of seasons...

It's a change of seasons both metaphorically and seasonally. I saw this little guy out on my rainy ride this morning:
Fall is coming! (Or it's here.) With triathlons that means a few other things as well. It means the pressure of big time races is gone for a little while. It means workouts are long and easy, and apparently it means it's time to apply for sponsorship.

With my first full season as a pro triathlete coming up, it's become clear that my way of life is going to change a bit. As a pro, I have less time to work at the most awesome bike shop on the planet (Landry's), but will have to spend more $$$ on higher performing equipment and travel to more races that are farther away (oh, pooooor Brett). To try and offset this I'm asking all my favorite companies for a little help. It's weird asking people for money (or free stuff) just because you can swim, bike, and run faster than the average Joe. Don't get me wrong, I think that sponsored athletes do a lot for the companies that support them, but it feels like applying for a job that no one asked you to do in the first place... aaaanywho. Back to writing letters..."I'm worth it, I'm worth it, I'm worth it--" what? Oh sorry, you just caught me psyching myself up.