Age Group Nationals

Congratulations to everyone from the Upper Valley and beyond who spent the weekend in the city of my birth competing against the fastest amateurs in the country!

Notable finishes include Greg Hagley's top 100 finish despite getting knocked off his bike by some batty old lady with tunnel vision. The good news is that Greg's ok. The bad news is he ripped his brand new red and white lady suit. Oh well. There are always more uncomfortably cheap off sizes at the Louis Garneau outlet.

Brian Shiner was also in red lady suit at Nationals and let me just say folks this man has made significant progress this year. Swim bike run splits are looking good and he's shaved nearly 6 minutes off his T1 since Fairlee. Going on to beat some local notables in Burlington doesn't hurt either.

TS was not in attendance this year. No pro wave to be had with all the big kahunas off in Europe somewhere racing for big money. ItA's a shame that USAT couldnt line this race up with a real pro event. Seems like it would be good for the sport to show the developing US field how badly the top US racers can get beat by countries with real developmental programs. Ahem... subtle jab USAT...

See what happens when you cancel the pro wave USAT? Brian Shiner DOMINATES you.