Is this team slacker??

So maybe I'm in the wrong place because (a) I've never actually done a triathlon, (b) "scrappy" is not at the top of any list of adjectives anyone would use to describe me and (c) I haven't worked out in at least three weeks. Nonetheless, every blog could use at least one useless and wholly unrelated poster to give it that . . . je ne sais quoi.

I am likely the subject of many a scoff from the hard core triathlete. After seeing Brett compete several months ago, I said "hay, i can do that!!" I spent good money on a nice bike, some padded shorts, sporty looking sunglasses, you know. The works. Then, I went on fewer decent bike rides and for even fewer swims than you can count on two hands, and then fell off the bandwagon almost as fast as you can say "oooooh, you click out before you stop the bike". Classic.

In my defense, I moved and started law school in August and that's pretty much where I dropped off. I would have kept it up except that law school books cost more than fancy bikes. I also did a 5K several weeks ago. And I make sure I check out all the bikes parked at the law school so I can say "Psht. Tiagra? My bike (sitting idly neglected in my apartment) has Ultegra. Suck on that" . . . even though I'm not 100% on what the real difference is. I only know mine is better. But that's really all that matters, right? The fact that I've only used my bike to ride to school three times and that each time I showed up sweatier than some kind of really sweaty person after doing some arduous activity and that the last time my bike was used was during a pregame I hosted when one of my guests rode it around the courtyard of my apartment building after drinking a bottle of white zinfandel . . . all of that is completely irrelevant.

Anyway, this first post is just me tipping my hat (or helmet, if you will) to say "hello there" and "isn't a feminine touch just what this blog needs?" Some things to look forward to with yours truly now posting: top ten lists, puns, adventures in beginner triathloning, impeccable grammar, cold cereal reviews, warm fuzzies, etc. Be. Excited.