Snow > Riding Outdoors

I think many triathletes view the winter as the off-season, but for the rest of you scrappy triathletes that train year round, this may or may not be something with which you can relate.

Winter riding is fun - it gives me the sensation of skiing - moving along quickly with the cold wind in your face... great! However, the winter often brings snow (at least in New England it does), which makes completing a purposeful outdoor ride both impossible and dangerous. Gered would argue that commuting in the snow is ok (I might agree with that), much like the fellow in the picture above, but for a workout - just completely ineffective. This leaves us scrappy year-round triathletes stuck on our trainers until the roads clear up... SAD :-(

But as I sit in my office and look out the window this morning watching the snow fall - thinking about the fact that this afternoon's ride will have to be on the trainer, I think to myself... totally worth it. :-) From all of us in scrappy-ville - here's wishing you a snowy winter with many happy rides on the trainer.