Night Lights for Adults

Remember those when you were a kid? I believe my night light was the bust of spiderman or something. Anyway... as we setting into fall - still a month away from day light savings, any riding done before 7AM at this point in the season is still in darkness. And for another three and a half weeks, darkness will continue to creep later and later into the morning - thanks W. (sarcasm)

Consequently, if you want to continue riding before work without going over your handle bars because of invisible pot-holes, you're gonna need a pretty powerful headlight. And no folks - the little $25-$50 lights used for commuting around the city are NOT going to cut it. Anything worthwhile is going to start at around $100.

Light & Motion Urban 300
Try something from Light & Motion or NightRider. I just purchased the Light & Motion Urban 300. A 300 lumen one-peice rechargeable light. That's right - no extra battery pack that you have to attach to the frame of your bike. I haven't gotten to try it yet, but I rode with the L&M Stella 150 this morning (150 lumens) and it got the job done. I'm excited to see what twice as bright looks like at 5:30 AM. Whether you go with Light and Motion, NightRider or another brand, I would suggest going to the Light and Motion site. You can compare brightness of currently available products in this market. Click on anyone of the products and select the Beam Test. It allow you to compare the brightness of different lights from a range of brands. In my assessment, lights that seem to get the job done in the 60 foot test are more than sufficient. That said, I don't do any technical riding in the middle of the night as my good friend Gered does... crazy turkey.

Aaaaaaaanywho - enjoy that fall foliage, and those quiet (and DARK) morning rides folks!