Pro Tested Power Test Warmup: Korean National Team Endorsed

Looking for that perfect warm-up before slogging out an unbelievably awful 30 minute power test on your Computrainer, PowerTap, or Quarq? The literature suggests that prior to top tier threshold workouts you spend at least 10 minutes warming up from aerobic to anaerobic, and then 5 minutes cooling down by switching to easy effort and moving back up to aerobic just prior to the start of your power test.

Whether you believe in the 20 or 30 minute test really doesn't matter. The decay in wattage at 30 minutes vs 20 is all built into the formula used to calculate your wattage zones, and frankly this is the kind of thing coaches are for. What does matter though is getting an effective warm up in before you start slogging out 400 watts for X amount of time. I find it's pretty hard to want to bother getting up to anaerobic prior to spending 30 minutes beating myself up. So, I've been looking high and low for a 2 minute version of 30 Minute Abs. Finally, I found it. TeamScrappy tested, Korean approved.