-10 Degrees: When it's OK to Stuff. Grab your ThermaJock

With the approaching cold snap this weekend there's a lot on my mind. Do I have enough food to survive if my car wont start and I can't drive to Boloco? Will my dog willingly go outside to make the poo poo? Will my wife whine endlessly about how she's never been so cold in her whole life? Well fire up your engine block heaters and check your oil tank because it's gonna get cold as a witches tatas out there. And your wife whining is totally justified. Especially when you try to get your 3 hour ride in and freeze your little ding dong off and can never give her the babies she's never wanted.

Well, if you're a penile toting triathlete, you can finally have a little peace of mind when the temps hit the deep double digit negatives and your house starts creaking like your total knee replacement. Praise be Y-hw-h, Grilled Cheesus, and Allah. Your prayers have been answered. Enter the ThermaJock.

I don't think I need to go into much detail here. The following images should say everything there is to say about this brilliant, brilliant little nuttsack:

Oh yeah, the best part. There are testimonials:
"Like many athletes who prefer to train outdoors year round I had either dealt with the pain and risk caused by the cold or resorted to using a sock that would not stay in place. ThermaJock offers a solution that provides warmth and stays on even after many miles. It is super comfortable and unobtrusive. I wear it whenever I am running, biking or X-country skiing!" 
~Arthur, Triathlete, Chicago, IL
Yeah Arthur. Cause you really said that. Hey ThermaJock! I have a moderately well read Triathlon blog. Send me some SCHWAG for my NADS and you can have my thumbs up too! 
"ThermaJock. My wife is always complaining about my freezing post ride balls. Until you invented the nad bag! Thank you so much. You saved my marriage and my unborn children too!"
~Gered, Triathlete, Rio Blanco, VT