Mamils don't get Chicked

Thank god there are people out there who still subscribe to the New York times paper edition and actually read it too. I'm sure this is the only way to find out anything that's going on in this world unrelated to Justin Beber and that drunk big-headed mean girl.

Today my mother in law called to let me know that NYTimes published an informative article on triathlon as one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and specifically in the middle aged male population. Why is tri so popular with 40 something male athletes? Obviously we're talking about a unique market segment here, with a lot of reasons to get out and train. The kids are growing up; the belly is growing out; and probably the most important; after many (wonderful) years of marriage, it's good to clear the air every once and a while and get outside on a bike. And triathlon comes swooping right in here to save the day (and marriage too).

Take a quick read through the whole article. Or, if you're functionally illiterate and have a loving wife like mine, get her to read it to you (thanks honey). And then get out there to ride, you sexy MAMIL you (stands for 'middle aged men in lycra,' in case you're too lazy to read the whole thing). Reading sucks.

Hooray for 29.