Cloudy With a Chance of Lazy...

First my inspiration for this title:

I haven't seen this yet, but as you might recall that Gered affectionally refers to me as "fatty," you can imagine that this movie must have been pulled directly from one of my dreams.

And now the inspiration for the content of the blog:

While many of you may be heading into your rest period after some crazy iron distance season closer, my season ended at the end of September. It was followed by three glorious weeks of time off. During which, I went on a beautiful vacation to Cartagena, Columbia (yes, it is safe there), and spent some time in Boston enjoying a life not sandwiched between workouts. The vacation period from training served it's purpose well. By the end of it, I was excited to get back into training, and make some real strides toward my professional license this year. Unfortunately, as a creature of habit, my way of life since the restart of my training plan three weeks ago hasn't exactly cooperated with my excitement to train. I seriously wanna train again, but I can't get myself out of bed before 7:30, and when I get home from work, I just want to stuff my face with tasty treats (this being exactly how I spent my time during my training vacation).

For those of you looking to restart your training regime after a little hiatus, BE WARNED... pull the band-aid off quickly. Dive back in. Go from getting up at 8, to getting up at 6 again from one day to the next. Refuse to eat anything but bars before finishing your workout in the evening. Something. This slow and gradual easing back into your training habits is difficult and painful. I'm pulling off the band-aid tonight, as soon as I finish my spagetti and meatballs... I wonder where I got that craving? No seriously, tomorrow morning, 6AM I'll see you at the pool!