Sweet Open Roads. Gotta love'em

I don't float in circles that get invited to a lot of debuts. Or anything else French sounding for that matter (laize fairs, ménage à twas, etc.). So, in a rare change in the status quo (French? Latin?) I got a friendly invited to the LBS (local bike shop) to preview a great new website put together by the Dartmouth Cycling community for all the rest of us to enjoy.

So, I'm assuming most of you have used Mapmyrun.com or Mapmyride.com to find good workouts in your area or while on vacation. These are great resources, but have a few flaws as well - primarily, they are oozing with corporate saturation that really hinders the user experience. Who wants to drag that damned box to the edge of the screen every time they make a map?? Not me! What the cycling communtiy really needs is a no frills road reference guide built on aggregate quality scores and real life user reviews. Duh. You knew that all along didn't you. In fact, it might have even been your idea.

Well, sorry idea man/woman. You're too late. Check out http://www.sweetopenroads.com. Then, create a user ID and use the search bar to find your van down by the river, and you're in business. Great simple color coded ratings and user reviews of tens of thousands of roads near you. Now, make like a tree and review some technologies of your own. Ya turkey!