n00b takes on Lake Dunmore

Here is the deal.. 'doing a triathlon' never even entered my mind for 23 and a half years of my life. Then Brett came along one Sunday, half jokingly, he asked me if I would like to race with him. Sure the race was only two weeks away, at that point, and I had not exactly been active for a while, but I thought to myself "I'm young enough to recover if I hurt myself right?" a month after the race I discovered the answer to that question... yes. I have to say, it was a sweet experience. I am the kinda guy that likes to jump into things headlong (fully expecting the worst) to see if I can manage a victory. Life is a little bit more exciting that way. Racing a triathlon without months of training went as you might expect... painfully. I found muscles I didn't know I had, drank a gallon of lake water, and I received a killer farmers tan all in one glorious race. That being said... It was such an awesome experience that I'm finding myself hooked on. Lately I have been looking for local half marathons and sprint triathlons to keep me active. Next time, however, I think I might train a bit more ;)