Lake Dunmore (Part 2): PRD

PRD, PRD, PRD... what does that mean... I'm sure that's what your thinking. Well it's kinda like PTSD, except hardly as serious. POST RACE DEPRESSION as Will calls it, is the race phase that Gered and I have been wrestling to get out of over the last couple of weeks. Here's how I think it works...

You get all this build-up to your race (especially ones you love - like Lake Dunmore), you get to the race, you do it, it's difficult, it's great, annnnnd then it's over... Now what? Right there - that limbo period where you just haven't pointed yourself at a new future event yet - that's PRD. Perfectly satisfied with the performance you've put out there, it's nice to dwell on for a little bit. So let's dwell shall we...

In the swim - I chose not to wear a wetsuit (I was one of two in the wave). It was a solid swim for both Brett and Gered, but we were both hoping for a little bit more. I think Gered would have liked to be under 24 minutes, and Brett was hoping to break 18 minutes.

In the bike - I feared a repeat on being run down by former professional cyclist Kevin Bouchard-Hall, and was pleased to hold him off (whether or not it had anything to do with the fact that Kevin was having a rough day... well... we won't get into that... :-) ). Dropping two minutes from last year, I was satisfied with my 1:08 on the 28 mile course. Gered blazed a 1:06 on the course posting the third fastest ride of the day.

In the run - team scrappy truly dominated. I was able to hold the lead I had the entire race, and finish 3 minutes ahead of the next competitor, which was of course, Gered! Meanwhile Gered ran through (I think) the next 3 racers ahead of them as if they were standing still. Bravo, stick man.

So with a 1-2 finish like that, how can you not dwell for a little while. But that time has long gone now. Only one week from the Cranberry County Trifest in Lakeville, MA - Gered and I have finally shifted our attention toward future races, and were able to get a solid week of training to sharpen up for another story of team scrappy domination.