Mid Foot Running, Oh How I Hate you. Until Now.

Hi Folks. I was informed recently that not all blog posts have to be epic poems that tell tale of great battles we have fought and lost with the gods of training and triathlon. They can occasionally be updates. Tid-bits of info about each of our unique little lives. Google Reader is a great way to get a digest of your favorite blogs. Just plug teamscrappy in and find out how we're doing.

So, short and sweet. I've been wrestling with a hamstring injury this winter, one that is oddly close to the one that sidelined Brett last spring, and leads me to believe that somewhere out there we have an arch-enemy who knows his way around a voodoo doll. I have my suspicions (Matt Damon you are a son of a...) but nothing confirmed yet.

Really, it's all because I've been switching to a mid-food strike style of running. I was told that the liklihood of injury here is high. Well, it is, and then some. Hamstring problems spiraled into peroneal tendonitis that likes to flare up on me now on highly off-camber road surfaces (treadmill runs, though blow your brains out boring, really help here). We're getting there though, and my volume is getting back up where it should be for March as well.

Today I put in 40 minutes, with the last 10 ramping up to race pace. I haven't run race pace since August, and I seriously wondered this morning if my mid-afternoon tendon rupture was going to be walkable, or if I might have to call a cab to get back to work.

Good news. Those last 10 minutes didn't hurt any more than the first 10. And they were FAST. The mid-strike technique really hasn't clicked for me, but today, at a higher pace, it felt much smoother, and much less grating on joints and self esteem. I saw a little 6:15 pace action in there too, right towards the top end of my aerobic zone. I think it's going to be a good year people. A good, good year.

Hows' that for not as short as advertised??? Thanks for reading anyway