Race Report for Acronym Championships

This weekend was the NEMLSC SCM Swimming Championship. I'm always amazed by all the letters. Frankly, I can't even tell you what they all stand for. New England Masters LSC (can't even make up something funny for those letters - feel free to try) Short Course Meters Swimming Championship is my best guess. In any case, it was a pretty good meet. I've really looked forward to this meet the last two years, because two big time triathletes always come - Jarrod Shoemaker and Ethan Brown. Swimming against them helps me size up against the professionals with whom I aspire to race. I'm happy to report, that I'm pleased with how it went.

The short version, I swam fast, I beat Jarrod Shoemaker in everything I swam, and I lost to Ethan Brown in all things freestyle.

800 Free - 8:55.97 - 3rd place overall. I finished an exciting 15 seconds ahead of Jarrod, and 4 seconds behind Ethan. A solid race, and a HUGE improvement on last year's 9:17.

400 Free - 4:17.01 - Again I finished 13 seconds ahead of Jarrod, and 2 seconds behind Ethan. Ethan and I went head to head on this one until about 250. You'd figure distance freaks keep everything long and steady, but that kid can finish strong!

The rest of the weekend was downhill - not that I went any slower, but the 800 and 400 were the focus for me. Though Ethan bested me in the distance stuff, I did get vengeance on the 200 Back, 200 IM and 400 IM. Here were my times on the rest of the weekend.

200 Free - 2:02.97
200 IM - 2:16.20
200 Back - 2:14.45
400 IM - 4:47.58

Also, in addition to my great weekend - BC Masters (my team) surprised themselves with first place for the medium size team division! If you're interested in checking out more on these results - you can find them here.