Fresh as a Daisy

56 weeks. That's how long last season was for me. It was a long year, after which, rest was pretty crucial. I'm happy to say that I found that rest over the course of this last week, here at Punta Faro off the coast of Cartagena, Columbia. It was a fabulous experience that drove the nail home for me on the importance of taking a break, even from something you love to do, every now and then.

Now I'm back, free from all soreness, and excited to start training again. Sure, after a great season this summer, I was excited to get back to training again anyway, but before it was because I was so pleased with how I was doing, I just wanted to keep going. Now, I'm excited to train again, because I missed the sport. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that... I'm really excited to swim, bike, and run, not just have another great race. And that's important folks, because at this point in the season, their ain't much racin' to be had, and there won't be for some time.

Seriously, to all those over achieving triathletes, if you haven't taken at least a week away from the sport yet this fall, do it now. It's moren necessary than you can ever imagine!