In the face of adversity, the scrappy prevail...

Up at 5 AM, 37 degrees, 20+ mph winds, 62 degree water temperature. On our trip to Hopkinton State Park, these were the conditions for Team Scrappy's season debut. Sure it warmed up a little bit before we got started... I believe it was 45 when the race finally started. In any case, very rough conditions. Seriously. If you don't believe me, it was actually in the news!
Ok, ok, it didn't quite look like that, but it was still pretty choppy.

In any case, as we were in the first wave, Gered and I were able to do the entire race. We were in the first wave of the swim before they cancelled it for the rest of the competitors. I capitalized on my swim skills and really put some time on Gered in the swim. However, like I said, it was FRICKIN FREEZING, so when I got into transition I couldn't feel my hands, which made for a rough go of trying to put on gloves and a wind breaker for the bike ride. Two minutes later - after failing to successfully put on a jacket or gloves, I decided to suck it up, and ride without that stuff - I had lost enough time to everyone else trying to get it all on. I came out of the water second, but I estimate getting out of the first transition somewhere around 5th or 6th place instead. It was a bumpy and windy bike ride with plenty of people to pass. Since the all the swim waves following ours just went straight to their bikes, they were all out on the course before I got out of the water. The run was my favorite part. Mostly dry, a bit more sheltered by the wind, and a little warmer (though I still couldn't feel my feet), this races marks the first occasion where I asserted some dominance on a run course. Injury free this year, I've been able to focus a lot more on running, and it certainly showed this weekend. I used to get to the run, and just hope no one would catch me. This year, I was running through people the same way I used to get passed! It was awesome.

And of course the truly scrappy news... amidst the conditions, both Gered and I dominated. I placed first overall, and Gered won his age group! Complete results here. Also, here's some pictures on the excitement :-).