all by myself...

This is likely news to everyone, but Emily and my parents, but I've decided to give up TV. Seriously. I'm bringing our only TV down to New Jersey and leaving it with my parents. Why? I have my reasons. I was going to make this blog entry about why, but I decided to make another blog devoted to tracking my struggle with breaking my addiction to TV. If you're intrigued, I encourage you to check it out at For those of you that know me well, and understand just how much I love TV, you must know that this could not have been a decision I have made lightly. I still don't feel ready to say goodbye to the beloved characters of the TWELVE different shows that I followed, but I've been equally concerned with this sacrifice's implications for my winter training. I now have to ride my bike on my trainer, all by myself. No more Chandler and Joey, no more Jack Bauer, no more Michael Weston or Fiona Glen Ann. For heaven's sake - no more Dwight Schrute! My artificial friends can no longer help to distract me from the serious discomfort of, say... 8 three minute anaerobic intervals.

Turns out it's not that bad. I rode for an hour and a half last night before going to the pool, including the above mentioned interval workout, and I'm surprised to say that I did not want to blow my brains out at the end of it. Without Barney Stinson there to distract me using his antics with the ladies, it was much easier to focus on maintaining a steady high HR during the intervals. I even thought more about the need to make sure that the rest of my body was relaxed and using energy efficiently.

I'm not gonna say that I loved it, but I think the absence of the TV made the workout a little more worthwhile. I'm sure two weeks from now when the novelty of the lonely ride wears off, I'll be begging for a distraction as I do my trainer workouts. But for those of you that swear by the TV as your sanity on a screen as you put yourselves through a borderline unhealthy dose of discomfort, I would encourage you to check in with your biomechanics on the bike every now and then. Turn off the TV, and focus on your form - especially on hard stuff. Form is just as important as conditioning, and you mind find as I have that things can fall apart a bit when you get tired. I promise the exercise won't be nearly as miserable as you expect it to be... well... at least not for a single workout.