Kung Fu Panda

Call me a sucker for cartoons, but I love this movie! I’ve watched this movie on my trainer rides for like two weeks now – and it has yet to get old. Great trainer movie. In any case, there were some nice wise words I thought were worth sharing.

“Yesterday is history and tomorrow’s a mystery, but today is a gift – that’s why they call it the present.” The wise words of Master Oogway (a cartoon turtle). I wasn’t too happy with last season, but it’s history now. When I think about racing this summer – I just get anxious. But today… ah, today. Today, I get to go for a bike ride on a beautifully crisp fall day. Today, I get to swim with my buddy Joe. Today I get to run for 45 minutes – FINALLY, my hamstring is healthy! It’s this time of year that training is all just fun and games. Long leisurely bike rides, group rides, swims, runs, fun local swim meets, delicious holiday related treats and feasts, and no pressure about how I’m performing, what I can eat, or how much I weigh. (Fatty loves his food!) Enjoy your present!