why people aren't suposed to be carnivores

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the origin of life and our place in the universe. Personally, I think a lot of the controversy stems from man's innate and irritating tendency to argue himself into a the cozy corner of logical fallacy. Or at least just argue for the sake of arguing. But, if we weren't supposed to do it (argue), then why would our undeniably complex creationary force make argument so much fun (the same applies to eating boogers, and foozeball after the age of 15, in my opinion)?

To those of you who follow a monothesitic tradition (Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Zorastrians, Christian Secs, Muslims, and so forth), I urge you to put down your arms and watch a man eating a banana. If you can't agree on WHO made you and WHY you were made in the first place, at least in watching a man eat a banana you have evidence that we are at least direct decendents of monkeys who also enjoy eating bananas.

I'm thinking about all of this now as I eat Brett's fruit salad (there is nothing to read into here, and yes, we do shave our legs), and wishing there was maybe just a few little bits of banana here and there. I'm also thinking about why my farts smell so unbelievably bad right now (I'm sitting outside on a patio and birds are LITERALLY dropping dead out of the trees around me). I have reached only one conclusion - that man was not meant to consume nothing but barbequed ribs for 3 straight days. Man should probably consume a lot more fruit salad. When you think about it, when a lion eats a cute little lamby, that little lamby takes about 7 seconds to pass from stomach to anus. A lion has like... 3 feet of intestinal track. Because he eats RAW MEAT for a living. People, on the other hand, have about 189 feet of intestine, and it takes food somewhere around 2 days to go from teeth to toilet. Eat more fruit salad, so your insides aren't stuffed full of rotting, fetid flesh. Eat more bananas, because yes, you are in fact a son of a monkey. And no amount of pork spareribs will ever make you a lion.

These are just a few deep thoughts about long-winded farts.